Editioned Sculptures
John Newman  Editioned Sculptures copper frame with purple and green lacquered cast polyester, partially covered with sheer black nylon;black Neoprene tubes strung with white twine;mounted onto black acrylic base with gun blued steel pipe
John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Cast polyester form coated with white latex stucco paint; cast plyester foram coated with stove black paint and burnished; hand-molded Kozo fiber hand made paper bulb form, coated with thin layer of pink pigmented acrylic paint; mounted onto hand-ground sandstone rock

John Newman  Editioned Sculptures  Cast polyester form, hand-painted with cadmium red light oil paint, industrial felt; machined stainless steel rod and "C" clamp, Japanese bamboo tea whisks; mounted onto black slate.
John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Poplar wood spine; polystyrene board and pine wood disks covered with conforming stretch gauze bandage, coated with white pigmented fiberglass, and hand-painted with enamel spray paint in graduating hues of dark to light blue and white, coated with two layers of both matte and gloss clear enamel spray paint. Two opaque white acrylic plastic discs perforated and threaded with 72 rayon/ cotton strands of three graduating blue hues and white; mounted onto cast melamine polyurethane base.

John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Patinated cast aluminum; with glass, hand-painted with "Couleurs vitrail"; mounted onto cobblestone with threaded metal rod.
John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Hand-molded Kozo fiber handmade paper, primed with MSA varnish, painted with gesso, sized and gilded with variegated leaf, sealed with one layer of blue aniline dyed shellac and top coat of clear shellac; spheres are hand molded Kozo fiber handmade paper, filled with polystyrene, primed with MSA varnish, gessoed and hand-painted with acrylic paint in graduating colors of red, orange and yellow, mixed with white; and top coat of clear polymer varnish. Sugar pine wood base and birch wood pole are coated with pigmented polyurethane. Hemp rope attached sculpture to pole.

John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Rope, wood, paper and metal foil
John Newman  Editioned Sculptures Cast aluminum